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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 22:35:15 +4200 (CST)

> > Kats at its best was, what about $400,000 for twenty minutes of
> >animation? (22 minus the opening and ending.)
> Buzz Potamkin posted to rec.arts.animation that "the budget on a recent
> episode went north of $700,000.00, but we don't want to start any ugly

    Ouch. $700 K? Let's keep this quiet, give the series a bad rep and all.
When did he make that comment, BTW? And do you know what episode it may have
been? I hope it wasn't The Deadly Pyramid, but the animation *looks* that
expensive. Or was it not a matter of expensive animation but waste in the
production at H-B?

> > Funny how Turner had no problem pumping 35 million into both The
> >Pagemaster and Swan Princess (Which both bombed in theaters.)
> At the moment they've got "Cats Don't Dance" on the launchpad, which may
> end up being halfway decent. "Pagemaster" was a shambles from the word "go",

    Which doesn't mean success at all because...

> and "Swan Princess" was critically acclaimed in many quarters but almost
> universally shunned by the viewers (though that's beginning to change in

     $9.8 million if I remember correctly. Lion King shredded it. Balto's
another excellent film with an unfortunate theatrical death ($11.6 million)
because it isn't Dinsey. The solution is to not shoot for the G rated family
film market. H-B tried it with Nexus, but that was shot down. Don't know
about the rest of their planned animated action adventure films, but SWAT Kats:
The Radical Movie, as I believe someone coined it here, is the best theatrical
option H-B has. It could work as an inexpensive film, but if it had the same
budget as the Pagemaster and Swan Princess and Mook did the animating, LOOK

> the Blockbuster environment). Turner Home Video was "disappointed" at
> orders for the 'SwatKats Home Videos', but as most of you have found
> out from your retailer during your search for them, everyone replies to
> your question with "Whatsa Swatkat?". No promotion. No sales. 3 mil

    I think there was an ad appearing in the corner of a video game ad. See
the scan I made at That's about

    I haven't once seen them in a video store or rental place. You only can
get them if you know about them in advance (and who will with so little
promotion?) and special order (From Suncoast in my case) like I did (And
everybody else should too!) I haven't done any checking via the phone, but I
happen to know from a friend that they aren't available through several
mail order companies which normally would have them.

> for a 'Kats' movie would be well spent, and if accompanied by a *competent*
> promotion, would certainly cause quite a stir. Many are clamouring now for
> anime-level movies in wide release, and you couldn't do better than a Kats
> flick - provided that the compulsion to "dumb it down" for the 6-11
> "Princess and Pony" set is fought at every turn.

    I've already given away a bit of an as yet unwritten post of mine about all
of this. This *really* factors into the heart of the matter. I gotta hurry up
and type that thing.

> >>("Too expensive"? We could've had three of 'em for the money that went up
> >> the spout for the discarded "Jonny Quest" revisions. Looks like Turner is
> >>one giant interminable April Fools Gag.)
> >
> > Hey, tell us something we *don't* know.
> Okay. Someone at Warners wrote up a neat little short about the innermost
> workings of the Turner org called "Two Stupid Producers" which evidently
> made the rounds of those over there that work for a living. It's a bit cruel,
> in considerably bad taste, and makes great fun of the misfortunes of Tedco.
> In other words, "hilarious".

    I don't suppose you could have it or could post it, could you?
Nah...Forget I asked, it's just too cruel.

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