Concentrate on a Comic, Ted?

From: chance <>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 1996 14:01:51 -0800

Edo wrote:

>>Maybe we should be focusing on asking them to release a SWAT Kats comic
>>instead of bringing back the television series . After all, if the comic is
>>successful, they maybe will understand that a television series probably
>>will bring more money.

Max's pal Peej wrote:

>That's a good idea Edo11 :-) Why didn't I think of that?! Any other
>thoughts, folks?

Comics and 'toons have a weird relationship. TMNT, "The Tick", "The Maxx",
"X-Men", "Batman" and so on all had comics in place prior to being immortalized on
our TV screens, but "Animaniacs", "Aladdin", "TaleSpin" etc. had them come out
after the series was established. None that I know of have had comics released
post-cancellation, and some of the ones "supporting" certain reasonably current
cartoons are barely commercially viable. If they *were* to do a Kats title, they'd
have to go with some high-quality effort *completely* outside the Archie comix
setup, and that would involve $$$$. They've got a "Jonny Quest" title in the works
to back up the "New Adventures" thing, so maybe that'll be a nice blueprint for
the Kats at some future date.

What Tedco *should* do right now is hold some kind of contest/poll
deal on TCN in terms of people's favourite TCN toon -- maybe like
the old "Fox Kids TV Takeover!" -- and staple the results to Ted's
forehead. Beats fridge magnets.

(Evidently TCN would like nothing better than to procure more
  eps of the Kats, but they take their orders from Atlanta just
  like everybody else, and they're currently too wrapped up
  in WPT's, "Jetsons" revivals, and "Jonny" going over budget).

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