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From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 14:32:18 -0600 (CST)

> > While I've never actually seen a definition for the prefix "mega,"
> >it's become popular to use mega as million. E.G. megahertz- one million
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> As you can see from the table, Mega, in its exact definition, is 1 million.
> Lately though what has been popular to use it to describe anything large,
> whether it's exactly 1 million or not. So the "Mega" in MegaKat City
> probably just means they consider it a very large city compared to the rest
> of the ones on the planet.

    Of all the terms listed there, two tend to be used to just mean big
(Mega) and small (Micro) I have a real problem with Mega meaning the
same thing on the Kat world that it does here (That is meaning million in
some instances, and big in others.) since Razor *has* said "million Megavolts"
In our world whenever a unit of anything is added to to either of the two
prefixes, it has the numerical meaning, not an obscure specification of size.
The only way I see of getting away from this is to toss the numerical meaning
of mega on the Kat world out the window. Then a megavolt just means lots of
juice. That still means the scrambler missle must have one heck of good
transformer in it ;->

    I figure MegaKat city has a populace of over 50 million for a variety
of reasons. Tokyo has about 30 million, right? MegaKat City is within a
comic book-like context and really big cities are commonplace there (As someone
mentioned, Judge Dredd is like that.) And if the SWAT Kats' present is
technologically a few decades ahead of our own, then maybe other aspects, such
as population are of a future scale? Not to mention that such huge size would
be needed to finance the Enforcer budget, and make sure that not all of the
town is destroyed with each disaster.

> Max

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