Re: Should we start a rumor?

From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 22:23:17 -0800

> With April Fool's day coming up, I wonder, might it be a good idea to
>start a rumor about SWAT Kats? Kats Fans are already upset over the
>cancellation, and "news" such as this could give them hope once again, even if
>it is false. Once they learn the truth, then they might be pumped full of
>righteous indignation all over again. And *think* of the publicity it could
>get for the show. Controversy breeds popularity. Could a rumor work toward
>bringing back the show or planting a seed in the mind of a producer?
>The only
>thing it might cost at this point is a bad reputation, and since I don't have a
>good one in the first place it wouldn't be a loss for me. If all it would cost
>me is the price of being called a liar, then I'd do it for the Kats.
Do it! Just don't get the Kats fans too upset! Heck! someone does something
like that to me and I'd really cuss them out and really try to hurt their
pride. Then I'd resume my complex task of getting Ted's E-Mail address to
EXTREMLY (to the point of homosexualliaty if I have to) affectionatly ask,
cheat, trick, corner, or do anything EXTREMLY humanly (I think I'd have to
be extra nice to this _at_$#% in the &*$% mud. Mabye others would join me in my
quest (hint: I'm quite sure that Ted and Turner are not part of his E-mail
address, but it's probably like, <something> and if you do
start at the top, remember. You have to be his slave, pawn, loyal subject
and all that crap. If we do any April Fools gags, try to make it a bit
unrealistic, so we dopn't get hammered all that bad.
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