Re: The vortex scene on "The Pastmaster Always Ring Twice".

From: chance <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 23:01:30 -0800

> Mook did animate TPART (What I consider the first season's best), but
>something that needs to be cleared up (I think in the FAQ as well.) is that
>Hanho is not a Taiwanese studio, they're Korean, right? Some time ago the
>nationality got mixed up and folks (Including me for a long while) have been
>confused ever since.

Hanho Heung-Up *does* sound Korean, but every bit of info I have on
them describes them as "Taiwanese". Guess they're sharpening their little
pencils for the coming invasion, huh?

(Oh yeah, Ben? Don't eat any Mad Cows...)
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