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Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 23:07:12 -0800

>> I'm going to start my 2nd Season nitpick guide tonight! Wish me luck that
>> I find all the little mistakes!
>> A.J. Freda If you don't know what SWAT Kats is, please
> All right! Finally some nitpicks on their way. Are you going to go for
>the technical stuff, nitpick the plots, or just about everything? One thing
>I'd like to see is a list of all the coloring boo-boos. There's not many,
>especially in comparison to lots of other shows, but there are some.

There's some *hideously* off-model artwork in one ep of the first season, but
most occurrences of stuff likely to be labeled such in the second seem to have
more to do with experimentation than outright sloppiness. In fact, I think
Mook was guilty of one of the more egregious insults from the early eps, but
I'd have to go look.

(another excuse to rewatch the first season...such torture.)
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