IRC (was: Re: Anyone in Phoenix? (off-topic))

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 96 16:57:00 PST

>>Is too bad that the SWAT Kats IRC project has failed, we could chat
>>a lot of "off the topic" discussion there.

>I know there's a pack of us that would like to get on IRC at the same time,
>but I'd have to skip out from work to make it. Most of you lot are in
>timezone and I'm out here treading water in the Pacific. Maybe if you guys
>could make it *later*, say oh...1900 hrs my time, then I could make it,

The IRC project hasn't failed! Everytime I'm online, I have the chat
channel open while I'm working on other stuff. Unfortunately, I'm having a
lot of problems with my dial-up connection right now. I hope to have it
fixed soon (within a week hopefully).. I'll try to be on the channel this
Friday if I can get connected..


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