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From: Roberts, Steve <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 96 09:49:00 EST

I wrote:
>>Just let me know what I can do.
>>BTW-I'm sending this reply to the KatsList as well. Prohaps there are
>>some KatFolks out there that might like to help.


Walt replyed:
>Thanks, now, could you give me the email address to Majordomo. When >I
was switching over to my new email address I missed placed it. Oh >yea,
you can be the secretary and treasure. But seriously though, you >could
help me by taking off the load and collecting the snail mail >addresses.
The past few months have been living hell for me and I've >missed placed
some of the names. This is my own fault but I was doing >this at late at
night and I was trying to catch with all the addresses. If >you could
free me from this borden I would really apprciate it very much.
>This will give me some time for other things like comming up with
>activities and trying to get in touch with the guy who supposedly did a
>Swat Kats Fanzine. I've been out of it these past few months and I
>could use that extra time to play catch up as well. The only thing I
>would ask from you is that you will send me an updated list at least
>once or twice a year. If you are using a clone please let me know
>which database, wordprocessing, spreadsheets, or anything else for that
>matter software so I can tell you which would be the best way for you
>to send it. If you are using any other system like a Mac, Amiga, then
>send it to me via ASCII. If its an Atari 16bit systems send me the
>file that you did. I can handle everything on the Atari platform of
>computers. Thank you for taking your time and your offer to help. We
>will get this club in flight.

>From the List. . ..
Tarra Wrote:
>Oh! I can help . . . summer vacation will soon be exsistant, and I will
>lotsa free time. Walt!! 'Member me? Ahhhhhhh!! Where were you? Why
>didn't ja write? (Okay, I'll calm down now . . .)
>I can help . . . and I'm pretty reliable. I will do whatever I can to

And, Peej Wrote:
>I think a Swat Kats fan club is a great idea!! :-) Let me know how I may

Now for my part. . ..

Due to unforseen circumstances well beyond my control (a situation that
arose as late as yesterday evening), I'm unable to remain here in MegaKat
City. So, with much regret, I must rescind my offer to help with the fan
club <heavy sigh>.

Majordomo's address is

I'm forwarding this message to the KatsList. It looks like you can
easily pull some support there. Tarra and Peej are looking to help.

To the Kats:

Well KatsFolks, It's been real. Hope to hear from you all again when the
climent gets a little better around here. Don't eat too much Katnip.
 It'll turn your brain into mush.

Best Regards to you Walt, and the rest of the Kats:


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