Re: Happy Birthday kats!

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 96 17:11:00 PST

>>The Kats list was created on March 20, 1995 and has survived for one year
>>-- longer than even I would have expected it to have. But I'm pleased at
>>the list's success and fairly surprised as to how large a following we've

>Pretty amazing considering we only have a 24 episode base from which to

Heh. Frankly, I don't think I've ever seen more dedicated fans (of a
cancelled show) anywhere on the net! I remember when the Kats were canned,
and although there was not an overwhelming amount of posting to groups like
rec.arts.animation, some very impressive things were said. Usually posts
about "What the heck's going on with Ted?!" led to discussion of why it was
happening, who was responsible, what we can do, etc. (Were any of those
questions ever really answered?) Although there weren't many posts, many
had long threads and IMO won over more fans who hadn't ever heard of it.
 (Ever hear of advertising, Ted?) Now there's even a newsgroup specifically
for Kats!

If you look at the file size of the archives of this list, you'll get a good
idea of how it's grown over the past year. Not only with the amount of
messages, but the number of list members--many of which are lurkers (you
know who you are!) In fact just over this past weekend, I got almost 70
messages in my mailbox! Can you imagine how many that would be if all the
lurkers were posting too?!

Even with the Kats being canned and only 24 eps. to work with, we've put out
a ton of files (which I'm sure Paul can confirm). Even with a limited
amount of merchandise in limited areas, we've shipped stuff all over the US
& Canada for each other. I think everyone deserves a pat on the back for
all the effort that's been put into everything! Happy Birthday!


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