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From: Mitch Botwin <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 09:53:43 -0500

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>>>Anyone here in Phoenix, Arizona, or somewhere in the same area
>>> Dr. Jake

>>Ooooh, sorry D.J., I live in Austin Texas. Don't think I'd like to go
>>Arizona though--I'm more of a cold-weather type person. <G>

>Ohhh! I feel so left out!:-/ Bein' more than half way across the US,
and all
>(Baltimore, Maryland to be exact). I HATE cold weather! (see news
>stories 'bout blizzard of '96, and lotsa snow)! Besides that, the
capital's >right around the corner... Anyone near me?

>Melissa Anne

Oh Melissa, don't feel so 'left out'. Kat Fans are closer than you might
think. For instance, how about Columbia, MD? That practically makes us

BOS (back on subject), does anyone know what the Tremblay brothers are up
to these days (animation wise)?


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There are fans in NY which is not very far from Baltimore. The first weekend in
April is Balticon. The Baltimore area Kat fans could arrange to meet there.

Just a thought.

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