Abby's Expositionary dialogue...cont'd

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>Well, there is one magazine reporter that isn't part of her regular co-workers. Besides, it's natural enough for me, maybe some of her co-workers are having a hard time spelling that name, I know that I would.

Eayh, but the magazine reporter was hardly being asked to drop down on her
knees and practise her square-knot, huh?

>How about if the SWAT Kats series using some sort of a story arc?
> if 22 minutes is just too small, maybe they should do some sort of episode
> by episode story telling.

I'm sure that was discussed, but most producers of kidvid consider shooting
the whole year's run as a continuing saga to be a bad gamble; it plays havoc
with reruns and syndicated broadcast, and generally doesn't take into account
that much of the audience in the traditional Sat-AM slots has a comparitively short
attention span. "Robotech", though a fine show, was also a serial and a commercial
failure when originally broadcast. "Exosquad" also used the serial format, but
was considered only a moderate success by Universal, and still suffered from the
same problems that killed "Robo" (though the anime-crowd will likely give
you an argument about the yen in that regard). The best solution seems to be
limited multi-ep story arcs a la "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Gargoyles"
to permit more complex storylines, but I doubt Tedco figured out that the same
audience watching these fairly "adult" series was also watching "SwatKats".
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