Re: Cry Turmoil + When Strikes Mutilor

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 10:04:26 +0700

>>Why is that T-Bone was choosen to go with Turmoil instead of Feral? and=
>>is that Feral was cut out from the final version of "Cry Turmoil"?
>'Cause an H-B executive changed it, he said something about it being about=
>the SWAT Kats, not Feral, change it to T-Bone. It says that somewhere in=
>Animato! article, under the episode description of "Cry Turmoil."

Yeah, that I can understand (Although that I think that they should do a=
 little bit deviation by focusing on Feral or some other characters instead=
 of focusing just on the SwatKats.), but why is that Feral wasn't in "Cry=
 Turmoil"? It's a real pain to see someone was cut from a episode.

>Has anyone else noticed how stupid some executives can be?

Well, stupid people leads the workers.

>Remember "When
>Strikes Mutilor?" The Aquians were *supposed* to be humans!! It would've
>been *soooo* cool if they were, but an executive changed it.

Hmmm, I think that the addition of human into the SWAT Kats universe is a=
 very big step. So if humans do get introduced to the series, I think that=
 they should be very careful on how do they introduced the humans.

>Too bad. If
>they had kept it with people, it would've been me and Courtney's favorite=
>episode, no matter *how* bad the rest of it was!!!

Well I like that episode, I think that the coolest scene is probaly when the=
 SwatKats are fighting Mutilor by using the ThunderTruck.

>I'm okay now . . . I think. C'ya!
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