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>Well, I'm glad that Feral isn't the one that suppose to be with Turmoil, can you imagine what will happen next if Feral do get to meet Turmoil?
>BTW, why is that Feral isn't in "Cry Turmoil"?

Feral was supposed to be in T-Bone's shoes for "Cry Turmoil", and the writer
was ordered to revise the script in favour of T-Bone. Glenn Leopold got to
use Feral in a semi-romantic situation instead with "Curse of Kataluna", which
is described as "very much Feral's episode".

A scene with Feral and Turmoil *would* be a lot of fun, especially if Feral
needed some information that only she could provide, and maybe he has to
negotiate her "price" for it? Heh. Feral isn't really stupid, but I think he's
intellectually outclassed by Turmoil to a fair extent.

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 antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice, across treacherous waters,
 through Arctic blizzards from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome in
 the winter of 1925. Endurance, Fidelity, Intelligence." -- "Balto"

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