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>>>The vehicles:
>>>"TurboKat" is the SwatKats primary vehicle. And it's also a very
>>>interesting craft.
>>a note about the TurboKat... I was watching 'Destructive Nature' the other
>>day, and I found out where Callie sits in the TurboKat. I found out (to my
>>surprise) that she sits in Razor's seat, the weapons/navigation seat... But
>>Razor sits on her lap!!!!! The mystery has been solved... Maybe...
>I think there's another ep (I forget which one, "Giant Bacteria" maybe?)
>where Callie also sits in the Turbokat. _Next_ to Razor. She also has an
>oxygen mask on in that scene...

Ok, does this mean that Razor also sit on Felina's lap at the end of "When Strikes Mutilor"?

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