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>At 12:25 AM 3/3/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>if his plants were perennials or evergreens. ;-) (Does it really matter
>>in Megakat City?)
>Probably not. I don't recall any episode that seemed to be in a different
>"season" than the rest. Perhaps the city is near the equator, so the weather
>doesn't vary that much.

Could be.

>But then, according to the garage calendar, it's
>usually July, right?

Just like what I said before in this list, MegaKat city seem to be stuck in
a time warp.

>A few other things I noticed about that episode (Destructive Nature):
>The air conditioning system in the building was set very low, cold enough to
>freeze the plant creature. Does this suggest the Kats would be more
>comfortable in a cooler climate than MegaKat city?

Just like what you said before, MegaKat city could be near the equator.

>Manx was entertaining foriegn company representives, trying to convince them
>to come to his new building and MegaKat city. This suggests there are other
>cities on the planet. Do they have similar problems with super villians?

Judging that cats (Or kats.) always got themself in trouble, I say that
they could be having similar problem.

>When Callie hits him over the head, Razor says "Good thing they make us wear
>helmets." Who is the "us" that makes safety rules for the Swat Kats?

"us"??? I think that you meaning "they".

- The Tremblays Brother
- Their parents
- The Enforcer

Want to add more?

>Couple notes in general:
>Has anyone even SEEN the MegaKat City Police Department? The one that keeps
>putting up the "do not cross" yellow tapes with "M. C. P. D." on them.

M. C. P. D.???

>To whoever was looking for younger kats, watch the background of the Mayor's
>golf games. There are almost always a few kat kids of various ages standing

Hmmm, what are those kids doing there anyway?

> Max

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