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DJ wrote:
>I've always wondered what happened to all those downed enforcer
>choppers and planes. When Jake and Chance crashed once while they
>where in the enforceres, they really were nailed for it. What happens
>to the OTHER enforcers who crash into buildings?

Well, Jake and Chance took their own action by disobeying Feral (Or at
least questioned an order.). The other Enforcer follow Feral commands
(BLINDLY, if they were order to jump from a building, THEY JUMP.), so if
they crash into buildings, Feral will took all the responbilities from
damage that those Enforcer caused. But Jake and Chance is on their own
action when their craft accidentaly demolished the Enforcer building, they
suffered from their own action.

Besides, have you ever seen the other Enforcer walk away from the crash?
they probaly never survive the crash to get yell by Commander Feral.

>Feral must go through enforcers pretty fast.
> In my little world of SK (though I never bothered to mention it in
>my fanfic), there was an old military base built beneath the salvage
>yard long before our guys were there--probably before or during
>MegaWar II. Of course, they had to update it, but . . . you have to
>realize that the idea of Jake and Chance digging out and constructing
>an entire hanger (without anyone realizing it, no less) is next to

Just don't send Sinian there, or else that SWAT Kats HQ gonna have a
paranormal attack by ghost from MegaWar II. But then again, you did send
her there don't you?

Oh yeah I have a question, does MegaWar III ever happen on the SWAT Kats

> Dr. Jake

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