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>if his plants were perennials or evergreens. ;-) (Does it really matter
>in Megakat City?)

Probably not. I don't recall any episode that seemed to be in a different
"season" than the rest. Perhaps the city is near the equator, so the weather
doesn't vary that much. But then, according to the garage calendar, it's
usually July, right?

A few other things I noticed about that episode (Destructive Nature):

The air conditioning system in the building was set very low, cold enough to
freeze the plant creature. Does this suggest the Kats would be more
comfortable in a cooler climate than MegaKat city?

Manx was entertaining foriegn company representives, trying to convince them
to come to his new building and MegaKat city. This suggests there are other
cities on the planet. Do they have similar problems with super villians?

When Callie hits him over the head, Razor says "Good thing they make us wear
helmets." Who is the "us" that makes safety rules for the Swat Kats?

Couple notes in general:

Has anyone even SEEN the MegaKat City Police Department? The one that keeps
putting up the "do not cross" yellow tapes with "M. C. P. D." on them.

To whoever was looking for younger kats, watch the background of the Mayor's
golf games. There are almost always a few kat kids of various ages standing


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