Super Chunk!

From: August Yang <>
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 23:27:55 -0500

Howdy All!

Either I've seen severed from the list, or it's been *really* slow
these past two days. I'll opt for the latter. In any case, I've
just e-mail to about my dismay that Speed Racer is
taking the SWAT Kats' timeslot in the afternoons.

Well, I suggested that, as compensation, they show a Super Chunk
of SWAT Kats. It's not the *greatest* solution, but it'll
make the hurt of not seeing the SWAT Kats every weekday a little
less. So, those of you that get the Cartoon Network, would you
please send them a note saying that you'd like to see a Super
Chunk of SWAT Kats?

August Paul Yang gets a good idea every now and again.
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