Re: Mayor Manx

From: Dan Ramos <>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 18:54:20 -0500

Paul Kemner wrote:
> After extensive research I've discovered the secret- Manx has a tail toupee!
> Did it come from "Tail Club for Toms?" He knows that nobody will vote for a
> tailless kat. Just look at that tail- it's bigger & bushier that Callie's!
> That's why folks vote for him. (he wears a toupee on his head too - you can
> see it getting blown off of his head in several eps.) Anyway, this false
> tail throws off his balance- which is why he's not good at golf. (Don't you
> wonder why he's so bad, even though he spends every waking hour on his game?)

heh.. for anyone who frequents FurTooniaMUCK enough, you might know that MILES,
my character, has a TAIL CLUB FOR FURS. Heheh... ya see... I, as president--
AND client, can't say whether the Mayor is a member or not. He'll have to tell
you himself... but.. this certainly makes you wonder, doesn't it? heeheheh

                                        -Dan Ramos
                                         Miles _at_ FurTooniaMUCK and FurryMUCK

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