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>Do they got the tools to make a jet?
They're mechanics. My dad isn't one, and he's got his own workshop. Besides,
any tools they don't have, Jake can make :-).

>Besides, they will get arrested if
>they take public property from the road (The scrap metal that was once
>called jets and choppers.).

Once Burke & Murray tow it, it goes to the salvage yard. Even if it is
illegal (in the kat universe), the Enforcers are really gonna take their time
to examine the salvage yard for missing metal.

>And I think that a TurboKat that made by those
>scrap metal from the road can be easy detected by the Enforcer radar.

It really doesn't matter what kind of metal it is, it's the shape of the jet.
F-117s are radar deterrant (sp?). The Turbokat might not be, but they do have
a radar jammer, and metal *is* metal.

>>I'd really like to know how the
>>guys dug out that huge underground base without anyone noticing...
>I want to know how do they can take off from the hangar without somebody
>noticing that a strange black craft always flying over the junkyard.

If you ever notice, the hole where the Turbokat comes out of the hangar is
surrounded by junk.

>BTW, how do they build their HQ anyway? I think that one of the first
>missile that Jake is probaly the Mole missile, they probaly use it for
>digging holes. Hmmm, I wonder if Jake once build a Mole missile look alike
>when he was a kitten.

Here's a question. At what age would kittens be considered adult kats? Real
cats are adults when they're less than a year old(I think). So, would kats
use that system, or would the age be more around ours?

Melissa "Ann Phibian" Anne (Proud owner of the new Garth Brooks CD, not that
anyone cares.)

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