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>Do they got the tools to make a jet? Besides, they will get arrested if
>they take public property from the road (The scrap metal that was once
>called jets and choppers.). And I think that a TurboKat that made by those
>scrap metal from the road can be easy detected by the Enforcer radar.

Since thier job is to run the scrapyard, the junk gets delivered to them.
They don't have to pick it up. No one is going to care, or notice, what
becomes of that junk once it hits the yard. The kats aren't real big on

As for the question of radar, that was explained in "Unlikely Alloys"... The
TurboKat has a radar jamming device to prevent the Enforcers picking them up.

A interesting question is how do Jake and Chance manage to buy all the jet
fuel and explosives they need without someone taking notice? Most likely,
they have friends in high places. The Swat Kats are more popular with the
mayor than Feral is, and definitely more popular with Callie, so I expect
she probably arranges for the Swat Kats to get what they need.

And once Mayor Manx did pay to get the TurboKat replaced as a reward for
saving the city.

>I'd really like to know how the guys dug out that huge underground base
without anyone >noticing...

Perhaps the base existed there before the Swat Kats. What is now a junk yard
could well have once been a military base from one of the Mega Wars. It is
very unlikely they could have constructed a concrete bunker by themselves.

>I want to know how do they can take off from the hangar without somebody
>noticing that a strange black craft always flying over the junkyard.

The junkyard seems to be some distance from the city, maybe there is no one
around to notice. Still, you'd think that big vapor trail they leave would
be a very large "Hey, Look where we've been!" :-) But even if someone did
notice, who's going to turn them in? The Swat Kats are very popular with the


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