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From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 01:27:20 +0700

>>Well, the"TurboKat" is made out of junk (I have some funny experience about
>>the TurboKat, want to hear it?), so if there is no junk around, so I guess
>>that there is no TurboKat.
>Heh. With the way that the Enforcer choppers & jets rain from the sky,
>you'd think there'd be 3 or 4 Turbokats!

Do they got the tools to make a jet? Besides, they will get arrested if
they take public property from the road (The scrap metal that was once
called jets and choppers.). And I think that a TurboKat that made by those
scrap metal from the road can be easy detected by the Enforcer radar.

>I'd really like to know how the
>guys dug out that huge underground base without anyone noticing...

I want to know how do they can take off from the hangar without somebody
noticing that a strange black craft always flying over the junkyard.

BTW, how do they build their HQ anyway? I think that one of the first
missile that Jake is probaly the Mole missile, they probaly use it for
digging holes. Hmmm, I wonder if Jake once build a Mole missile look alike
when he was a kitten.

> -Matt

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