Re: Kat Decency

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 01:27:33 +0700

Max wrote:
>At 08:21 PM 2/24/96 -0800, B-Ko wrote:
>>I have never understood exactly the Kat's transformation from, calm and
>>assertave to steatly and aggressave. Oh well.
>That one is pretty easy to answer. As I or anyone else that has frequently
>played role based games can tell you, after a while it is possible to
>completely shift into a character you have created without really having to
>think about it, even if the personality is totally different. The difference
>in this case, of course, is the Swat Kats aren't playing. :-)

Well, I think that Feral think that the SwatKats are playing some sort of
game, and affraid that something will go wrong if they keep continue
playing the game.

> Max

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