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Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 02:57:23 -0500

My first ep of SK (that I actually *saw*) was "Destructive Nature." The
first SK ep I taped was, I believe, "Bride of the Pastmaster," although I
never did have a chance to see it. I can't be certain of the episode title
since I evidently erased the episode later (I couldn't find it on any of
the tapes that would have had it at the time). Now, of course, it's moot
point since I have all 24 on tape. ;-)

Re: Kat's Alive -- I've been told that Tim Fay unsubscribed from the list
some time ago. I also lost the address to his web page in a hard disk
crash, so I unfortunately have no way of contacting him at the moment
except perhaps via the MUCKs (although I'll be spending less time there
over the next few weeks while I concentrate on job-hunting).

Dan comments on my comment about Feral being the one to keep Manx in office:
> I dunno, Feral doesn't seem the type. He seems aweful set in things
> being orderly and being done RIGHT. I also don't think he'd believe
> in getting involved in politics. Just my opinion of his persona.

Maybe not directly, but if Feral likes things to be done orderly and
properly, then why couldn't he at least push for Manx to remain in office?
Manx and Feral generally tend to support each other, tho Feral's ruffled
Manx's fur a few times (and vice versa).

Ryan "B-Ko/Snoopy" writes:
> Cartoon physics could be anything from real life physics to
> vomiting twice your body weight, so who knows? Cartoon physics
> is declining, however.

I'm not so sure about this. I agree with the first sentence (to a point),
but I dunno about the second comment. I still maintain that Kats aren't
'toons per se, at least not in the sense of Skaredy Kat, for example.

> From denying death (Cyote and Roadrunner come to mind in a big way)
> to now.

Fundamental Law of Cartoon Physics #1: Toons don't die. Thus, a murder
attempt is foolish. (Of course, there are a few exceptions, but the toons
themselves still return for more.) Thus, since Kats *do* die (and we've
seen this in several episodes), they aren't toons. ;-) OTOH, Skaredy Kat
can take such abuse as having a bomb planted right in his face and
exploding, yet escape with only a charred face to remind him of the
incident... which makes him a toon.

And speaking of Skaredy Kat, I can only think of two episodes where he
appears (I have to go back and watch the older eps to see if he appears in
any others): "The Ghost Pilot" and "The Metallikats." I'm not sure if he
appears in "Metal Urgency" or not (although I think he might).

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