Re: Kat Decency

From: Max <>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 15:14:28 -0500

At 01:27 PM 2/21/96 EST, you wrote:

>I think the word you want is "modesty".
No, I don't this would directly apply to the question at hand. Modesty is
more of the feelings of an individual than society as a whole, a modest Kat
might desire to "cover up", but what if he felt otherwise? Would it be
considered acceptable for him to stroll around MegaKat city unclothed? In
most parts of the human world, it would not be (for a human, that is), and
that attitude is reflected in our cartoons. The Swat Kats favoriate Kat
cartoon character, though, generally wears nothing at all.


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