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On 2/13/96 at 7:53 PM, chance wrote:
>I was told (and damn if I can remember by who) that the "Triangles" were
>originally supposed to be versions of the Kat-logo, but were rendered as
>"triangles" when the character models were simplified as the show went into

If you take a look at the full-page ad of the Kats that appeared in
_Animation Magazine_, both T-Bone and Razor have the Kat-shaped outline on
the shoulders of their uniforms. Interestingly enough, this also becomes
another way to distinguish between the good and evil SWAT Kats in "The Dark
Side of the SWAT Kats" (as if the skull and crossbones on the helmets of
the evil SWAT Kats aren't enough): the shoulder designs of T-Bone and
Razor's uniforms are red triangles, while those on the uniforms of the evil
SWAT Kats are Kat-shaped.

As far as people who have access to scanners go... maybe this should go
into the FAQ. At least three listers have access to scanners (Ratman, Walt
and now Buster), so you can pick the one closest to you. ;-)

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