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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 19:53:07 -0800

>How about this: Notice how the enforcer vehicles have a MegaKat herald on
>them that's a triangle with something on top? Using the triangle design on
>the SwatKat uniforms might just create a momentary hesitation in the mind of
>an enforcer who might fire on them. Kind of a "Hey- we're good guys".
>Sometimes a fraction of a second can help. Just a thought...

I was told (and damn if I can remember by who) that the "Triangles" were
originally supposed to be versions of the Kat-logo, but were rendered as
"triangles" when the character models were simplified as the show went into
production. I think I've got a couple of drawings from H-B somewheres that
show what they were *supposed* to look like, and any of us who've seen
Christian Tremblay's "T-Bone" sketches will note that he still draws the shoulder
flashes as Katlogos rather than the more familiar triangle-type-things.
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