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From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 16:34:56 GMT (Matt Weber) wrote:

>Yeah, leave it to Ted & TPS to can the good stuff before anyone even
>realizes it's out there! Kats fans have been crying of the injustice
>committed against SWAT Kats for a long time. No one's listened --

Disney and Warners have used the commentary appearing on Internet
as a kind of real-time barometer measuring fan-reaction to certain shows,
decisions, new directions and so forth. In fact, a number of fairly major
policy decisions can be traced back to net roots - sometimes flying in the
face of highly paid contradictory information from Nielsen. None of those
outfits have looked back since.

Though is usually fairly dead, it's mainly because the kats
mailing-list is "home" to over 70 katfans who don't have time for both.
I think the kat-list is at least in the top-ten of fan-type lists for
membership, and suspect it even places in the top three somewhere behind
a couple of DA lists. 70 netfans indicates an _awful_ lot of "real" fans
that the Nielsen's don't always catch, and both Disney and Warner's
seem to have done the math. I guess things move a bit more slowly south
of the Mason-Dixon line.

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