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From: Kay Chang <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 18:21:13 -0600 (CST)

>>Ok, I just receive a calendar that contains pictures of kittens from my
>>aunt (She is a cat lover too) and I'm wondering. How do the SwatKats look
>>like when they just a little kitten?
>Kinda cute probably - but can you imagine Feral as a kitten? *Shudder*
>It's rather odd that we don't see a kid-kat younger than about five - even
>in the "Razor's Edge" hospital set where you'd figure the urge to draw a
>mewling kat-infant would be irresistible.

Five.....*shudder* I just don't like little kids between three and six. They
*scare* me!!! But, in "The Red Lynx," Manx was outside eating a hot dog(!)
and he said to one of the ladies walking by "cute baby"..... (this happens
right before the Red Lynx tries to kill him again in the Blue Manx.)

(This doesn't have a whole lot to do with the list, but read it anyway! Please!)
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Okay, first vampires, now rabbits. Somebody help me, I'm reading things that
are distracting me from the Kats! (Namely _Watership Down_ & _The Vampire
Chronicles_) help me please somebody? Anybody? Please??

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Terra Chang,
Swat Kats fan,
nice person (really, I am!)
totally crazy.*

*Help me somebody, before I strike again, I am

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