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From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 19:17:36 -0800

>B-ko Daitokuji wrote:
>>Turner's a $_at_#^! That's why!
>Hmmm, five letters, could it be that Turner is a "Feral"?

Insult to Feral! Come on, Feral's not that bad! Look Ted is self-centered. I
was watching Turner's Barly Sane (TBS), and what did I see, there was it's
slogan "Wake up to TBS!" and there was Ted's coffe mug, with his name on it.
I ask you, what kind of self important idiot would put valuable time into a
half second on his coffee
mug? And another thing, the movie that followed was edited for time. Why
would anyone want to do that, so we can get another glimpse at his coffee
mug, or his sickish face (it is an ugly site! I've seen the thing on TV!)? I
ask you, go nice on Feral. Out of all the SWAT Kat characters, I empithasize
with him the most and sometimes, I find I act just like him (weird!)! Don't
ask me why, because I don't know!!
Ryan "Jake "B-ko Daitokuji" Shard" Kelley
Dear Lord, help me. I'm WAKO!
SWAT Kats Extremist
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Forget about it! I don't have all day!!
- A-ko Magami
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- Miss Ayumi
Please stop fighting!
- C-ko Kotobuki

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