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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 11:02:26 -0800

>Ryan Kelley wrote:
>>>Makes me do some wondering why TCN would be allowed to use a "no longer
>>>promoted" character by TPS.. At least the Kats are getting a little
>>>promotion (even tho it's not very direct).
>>Turner's a $_at_#^! That's why!
>Hmmm, five letters, could it be that Turner is a "Feral"?

Turner owns Hanna-Barbera and TBS. Turner also owns TCN. Kats used to run
on TBS and in syndication on those independent channels like WPIX-NY and
KTZZ-Seattle. Why Tedco doesn't run the Kats on TBS as well as TCN is
anyone's guess, but Kats is a rather fast horse in an otherwise lacklustre stable
on TCN, which is why it's getting promoted.

Please feel free to be confused.
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