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From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 19:54:15 -0800

>I just caught a TCN promo for the month of February, and Razor was one of
>the characters in the "bumper" before the ad. It was done in the usual
>practice by TCN of putting snipits of animated characters in the
>checkerboard background. Other characters were the Big Dog (2 stupid) and
>one I don't recall right now.
They've come that far? Mabye Turner's Criminally Nuts (TCN) is wizing up!
>Makes me do some wondering why TCN would be allowed to use a "no longer
>promoted" character by TPS.. At least the Kats are getting a little
>promotion (even tho it's not very direct).
Turner's a $_at_#^! That's why! If Turner has a really bad show, (Brady Bunch),
they'll put it on everywhere and lotsa advertizing, and a really good show,
(SWAT Kats), they'll cancel it to bankrupt itself. Go figure :/ . That's
just the way Turner's Prostitute Service (TPS) works!
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