Re: "Parenthood"? Caution, spoilers! (-S

Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 14:34:14 EST

>>Ah yes, two fun-loving, COMPLETELY reckless folks. The kid'll get
>>a kick out of that.

>Well, people do became more reponsible when a kid is near them, I
>that this is the reason on why Commander Feral became more of an
adult when
>times goes by. He has to look after Felina.

Feral's always been responsible. Could Chance change? Naaaaaaaahh .. .

Reminder here that he's in his twenties and still watches Scardey

>>>What is "mages"?
>>Mages is plural for mage. A mage. It's a Lopinenean (culture
>>explained in the story) type of sorcerer.

>So basicaly they are magicians, right?

No offense, but I despise the world 'magician' and even 'magic.'
Those words have really been dragged through the mud by guys with
tuxedos doing card tricks and slicing their assistants in half. They
be called "illusionists" or something instead. In my seaQuest stories,
use words like thaurmaturgy and demonology, but being my fanfic does
deal with a cartoon show that saws 'magic' quite often, I'll use the

                                          Dr. Jake

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