Re: Water and Cars.

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 11:59:30 +0700

pkemner wrote:
>I don't think that the Kats use conventional flush toilets. It's pretty
>wasteful to treat your water to (hopefully) drinkable quality,

matt weber wrote:
>But they _do_ have showers (as seen in Mutation City).

chance wrote:
>You know, I think Matt's right. Hmmm. I'll have to check that ep again.

And I think I was once saw a sink in "When Strikes Mutilor".

chance wrote:
>A whole bunch of people talked about the cars. Well, the cars remind me a lot
>of the cars in BTAS, which remind me a lot of the cars in the old Fleischer
>"Supermans" (as intended, actually). I once saw an ancient Hudson Hornet
>- just
>like "Driving Miss Daisy" - restored by the Alaska Highway Patrol just
>like original.
>I kept thinking how much it looked like Feral's car, and the last one of
>those things
>was something like 1947.

Hmmm, the cars in MegaKat city surely isn't like the ones that we are using
today. Could it be that in another 40-50 years the car in MegaKat city will
look like ours? Could it be in another 40-50 years MegaKat will look like
any major city that we know today (A little bit different of course.)?

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