Re: "Parenthood"? Caution, spoilers! (-Spoilers)

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 11:59:33 +0700

>>>Still, I doubt they (Felina & Chance) could ever have kids.
>>Why? I assume that they can be a great parent.
>Ah yes, two fun-loving, COMPLETELY reckless folks. The kid'll get
>a kick out of that.

Well, people do became more reponsible when a kid is near them, I think
that this is the reason on why Commander Feral became more of an adult when
times goes by. He has to look after Felina.

>>What is "mages"?
>Mages is plural for mage. A mage. It's a Lopinenean (culture
>explained in the story) type of sorcerer.

So basicaly they are magicians, right?

(Note: I've remove some spoilers to avoid some unhappiness.)

> Dr. Jake

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