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From: chance <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 20:25:50 -0800

>I just joined this list.
>Like probably everyone else, I didn't see Kats until it showed up on Cartoon
>Network, but it's a great show, and I especally like the anime-style second
>season artwork. Like probably everyone else, I hope there's some way to get
>more eps. produced.

Turner's just got "Jonny Quest" back on track after realizing they should've
LISTENED in the first place, and now that Kats writer Lance Falk is back
at H-B after a stint at Warners, things might be possible. There's three episodes
at an advanced state of completion that just need to go overseas to get finished. I
think pulling for these is the best bet for the moment.

>I'm an ex-software designer, who now makes expensive custom furniture. I've
>read SF for about 34 years, and am also currently an anime fan.
>To the list manager: I seem to be on _both_ the email & email digest forms
>of the list. Is there some way to switch to just digest form? Thanks for
>running this list.

Yep. Done. FYI the whole list, I'm list administrator (Andy Hill, and Paul Hurley ( keeps the
fuses from blowing. Any problem with sub/unsub or similar admin
questions should go to either of us, and not the list. Chances are that
only one of us can provide the answer, so why ask the question 70 times?
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