Re: Kitty litter...

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 06:16:18 +0700

>>I don't think that the Kats use conventional flush toilets. It's pretty
>>wasteful to treat your water to (hopefully) drinkable quality, then fill
>But they _do_ have showers (as seen in Mutation City).

I wonder if they have a dishwasher that uses sound waves.

BTW, I think that they bring up the showers thing to prove that the kats
doesn't need to lick themself when ever they needed a bath.

>I don't recall if I saw a toilet in the background or not.

Maybe they have the toilet or the liiter box in the other room.

>I'm referring to the scene where
>Manx is turning on the shower & the ooze comes out.

That's the scene before we saw a kat stuck in a car - drowning. I think
that this is an alternative option instead of putting a cat in a bag and
then throwing the bag into a liquid enviroment. Of course criminals do this
all the time.

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