re: Cars?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 07:19:47 +0700

>>Ok people, have you ever noticed the styling of the cars in MegaKat
>>city is a little bit different from ours?
>Yeah, I noticed that, too. Their doors open above instead of to the

I maybe understand if an Enforcer car look like that. But a civilian car in
this modern times? Unless the kats's car cultures is a little bit different
from ours.

>And the style seems to be a bit older and smoother (more bubbly).

I think that's call "streamlining", a common thing that's usualy you find
in the vehicle of the old days. Hmmm, the cars in Gotham city seem to be
similar to the ones in MegaKat city.

>Aside from Cally's car,

I always wonder who is the owner of her car, is it belong to her or to the city?

>Feral's seems to be the same way and the one Jake and Chance
>used to drive to the salvage yard in the one about them getting
>kicked from the enforcers looked the same.

And also almost every car in MegaKat city.

> Dr. Jake

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