Re: Cars?

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 96 17:56:52 EST

>>>Ok people, have you ever noticed the styling of the cars in MegaKat
>>city is
>>>a little bit different from ours?
>>Yeah, I noticed that, too. Their doors open above instead of to the
>>And the style seems to be a bit older and smoother (more bubbly).
>>Aside from
>>Cally's car, Feral's seems to be the same way and the one Jake and
>>Chance used to drive to the salvage yard in the one about them
>>kicked from the enforcers looked the same.
>Courtney says that the cars are proof that Swat Kats takes place in the
>future because the cars are some kinda futurestic thingey. Something like that.

Tell Courtney to check out books on old cars - a lot of the
"futuristic" shapes had already been done.

1948 Tucker - the car of the future!

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