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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 16:18:43 EST

>I was thinking about this and the animal life that we have seen or
>before. I know that Jake has mentioned a fox and racoon, and we've
>other animals (cow, fish, etc.). What would the chances be that the
>same animals end up on a completely different planet?

Ever seen 12 MONKEYS? A movie that just came out with some lovely
acting about the future, when a virus has forced the remaining humans
few thousand) to live underground and animals rule the earth.
movie, however there didn't seem to be an ending. It wound up back at

the begining, which meant nothing was really resolved and the whole
was rather dissatisfying. Regardless, my point is that is QUITE
for the kat universe, if ALL the humans died out and kats took over
later. It would also explain the presence of familiar animals.
fanfic: a human waking up in the future when kats rule the earth.

BTW, is anyone done with their fanfic? I haven't seen a new one
well before New Years. Mine will be out within the next month.

                            Dr. Jake

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