Re: Humankind, Katkind, etc.

From: Mitch Botwin <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 96 09:02:40 -0500

If we go with the human theory, it could be a life support system, =
or an
exo-skelletin(sp?) to support a weakend frame.

Were the design of the toys based on drawings given by the =
brothers or
where they created from the toy assembly farm, which has all toys =
the same build. The only parts of DarkKat you see in the animation =
the eyes and the hand. It is fairly diffuclt to deduce what the =
stomach looks
like from that information.


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>That always had me wonderin'. From the toy, which has a =

I noticed that too. What's with the robot mechanics hanging out =
of his
stomach? Is this some sort of life support system similar to what =
Vader had? Surely someone must have noticed this during the =
process, or someone had to get the idea for the design from =

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