Re: Can the TurboKat go re-entry?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 03:26:07 +0700

>At 01:38 PM 1/16/96 +0700, you wrote:
>>"Macrobots"??? please explain more?
>The Macrobots are the giant robots that Prof. Hackle designed to explore
>other planets.

How does the probe look like? is it look like Viking? Imperial drones?
Voyager? Type 10 Probe?

>Pumadyne made 2 of the robots, apparently without Hackle's knowlege.
>And we all know that Pumadyne manufactures weapons, not space
>exploration vehicles (That's MASA's job).

I think I'm going to create two civilian (BTW, what are Pumadyne position
on MegaKat city?) manufacters for my fanfic story.

>The Macrobots make their appearance in "Metal Urgency".

You mean the one that the Metallikats took over? CRUD! I still haven't
watch that episode. :(

>>MASA??? what is MASA stand for?
>Same as NASA, just "MegaKat" instead of "National". As seen in "The
>Ci-Kat-A" and "Destructive Nature".

Hmmm, a city that has it's own space organisation. I'm starting to think
that MegaKat is really a country and not just a city. Just like Singapore

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