Re: Feral. (Cat talk.)

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 03:26:13 +0700

>>Can an alley cat can be presumed as "house cats that escape domestication
>>and return to the wild"? I'm curious here.
>Yes, an "alley cat" that is no one's pet, and fends for itself,
>could be considered feral.

What happen if a Feral cat got back to domestication? Of course maybe I
already know the answer, I got two of them right here. Maybe this is what
happen to the Commander.

>Obviously there are varying degrees - in places like the Galapagos
>Islands the cats are totally feral, like wild animals, with no human

Well, since that they never got adopted by humans, I don't think that Feral
isn't the right word for them, Wildcats is a much perfect word for them.
But if their ancestor (Or they.) was once adopted by humans, I think Feral
is the perfect word for them.

>while in the US many feral cats will allow themselves to be
>approached, fed, and even handled by humans, to varying degrees
>depending on the animal.

Well, then I think I saw a lot of Feral cats around here. :)


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