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>A great way of putting it! Feral does come across as someone who
>both figuratively and literally clawed his way to the top. He's a
>hands-on kind of cop, who shows open disdain for politicians - not
>the sort who'd be a police chief in US cities today.
>Of course this begs the question of why he dislikes the SWAT Kats
>_so_ much. I mean, yeah, acting like it is one thing, but there
>seems to be quite a bit of reality to it. And he's not the sort to
>put on an act just for the benefit of the politicos either.

Perhaps it's because Feral sees his youthful self in the guys and is more or
less jealous of them for being able to do things that he _used_ to be able
to. Everytime T-Bone flys rings around Feral, he probably feels antiquated
and useless. He's always spouting off about the "young hot-shots" being
"dangerous" and remembers the days when he acted that way. Kinda sad, really..

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