Re: Alley Kats...

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 96 14:30:34 EST

>>I always saw an alley cat that has fur like that. Of course I'm not saying
>>that she is an alley cat, but then again, my father does call Commander
>>Feral an alley cat.
>Feral *is* an alley kat! He's the kind of scrappy kat that'd look right at home foraging
>for food and used-up kat-toys in the back alleys of Megakat City. He probably chewed up
>and spat out all his rivals for the Top Kat job in MegaKat City, and would likely have been
>one of those junior officers who insisted on breaking up 30-patron bar-fights without waiting
>for backup - single handedly yet. I bet he's got a few mean scars in certain places.

A great way of putting it! Feral does come across as someone who
both figuratively and literally clawed his way to the top. He's a
hands-on kind of cop, who shows open disdain for politicians - not
the sort who'd be a police chief in US cities today.

Of course this begs the question of why he dislikes the SWAT Kats
_so_ much. I mean, yeah, acting like it is one thing, but there
seems to be quite a bit of reality to it. And he's not the sort to
put on an act just for the benefit of the politicos either.

Another unanswered puzzle. Sigh.


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