Re: Can the TurboKat go re-entry?

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 13:38:51 +0700

>>I do have some fanfic story when the SwatKats have to destroy a jump gate
>>to prevent the aliens coming to the Kat planet. The problem is, I don't know
>>that is the TurboKat can handle medium space travel.
>Why not? I'm sure Razor could use parts from the scrapped out "Macrobots
>designed to explore other planets."

"Macrobots"??? please explain more?

>And there must be some left over stuff from some MASA salvage.

MASA??? what is MASA stand for?

>Don't forget -- fanfic allows you to use your imagination..

If only I can hardwired my brain to the computer, then I could write the
story much faster.

>>Hmmm, I wonder why they come back to the mothership and not to MegaKat.
>I'd guess to pick up Felina. We can't leave her behind, can we?

Well, she could teach the Aquians some fighting skills (They are going to
need it.). Of course if the SwatKats is a little bit busy, I guess her
uncle could pick her up.

BTW, in the original episode (Before the Aquians turn into cat aliens.), is
the TurboKat supposed to go back to MegaKat alone? or hitch a ride with the

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