Re: Swatkats Love Couples..

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 13:38:46 +0700

>On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, Edo Andromedo wrote:
>>I always wonder, what will Feral do if he found out that his niece is
>>dating Jake or Chance?
>Heh ... <insert shameless plug for fanfic here> The idea pops up
>somewhere in the middle parts of my fanfic, though not with Jake or

Well, if she is dating Jake or Chance, will Feral react?

>I think Feral's likely to be the overprotective type despite
>Felina's independent spirit.

Feral probaly will let her date anyone (Provided the guy that she date is a
really nice guy.). But if something is fishy about the date (And it isn't
Tuna.). Maybe he will be a little bit concern.

>> I do dream about her (Briggs), is this normal?
>I shudder at the Freudian implications of it all ;)

Hmmm, does anybody here also dream about her?

>I always thought her moniker was just Turmoil ... Cry Turmoil was the
>name of the ep, wasn't it?

I haven't watch that episode, so forgive me if I make a mistake on her name.

>Simon Leet <> :)

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