Re: Swatkats Love Couples..

From: Edo Andromedo <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 16:26:40 +0700

>Could never happen.

Yes, it will never happen. I already explain my reason.

>Yeah. That would be kinda rediciolus to have Felina marry Jake, but you
>never know!

I always wonder, what will Feral do if he found out that his niece is
dating Jake or Chance? (Of course this is the impossible, but then again, I
do say that the impossible can happen in the kats universe.)

>>When I dream about this "Chance/Callie" thing, I can surely bet that it's a
>When I dream of this relation, Callie's not in existance! (I never have a
>dream that makes the slightest sence.)

I do dream about her, is this normal?

>>>>Jake/Callista (If the kats go back in time again..)
>>>That's a relation that could work. Only time is the problem!
(I'm saying a way to time travel.)
(Jake Shard is saying that he want to read my fanfic.)

Sure, just as soon I learn to write properly and I changes my writing style
so that you guys will know on what I'm saying. Hope that it will be soon.

>>>>Chance/Turmoil (Maybe!!!)
>>>That idea could work,
>>(B-ko is telling that Turmoil is a possible thing.)
>Don't like my hot air?

I do like your comments, it's just chance told me to cut down the size of
my reply, so that everybody in this list will be happy.

>>It seem that Queen Callista and Cry Turmoil has the highest potential for
>>love, so let just leave Briggs and Lt.Feral from this couple thing.
>Well, who else is there? give me a break!

I'm sure that there is plenty of kat in MegaKat city, is just a matter of
time (Or anti-time.).

>> Of course all of this is fanfic characters, so add yours in.
>Naiome? That could work, but not to Chance. In my fanfic, she's RELATED to him.

Why not? family isn't a problem in the cat community.

>Jake Shard

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