Re: Dead SwatKats.

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 96 00:05:00 -0200

      Hello, Furlong. Hello, everyone:

 Ch> This one requires an aptitude test:

 Ch> 2) If you're going to crash, do you:

 Ch> a) deliver a macho, heroic line first?
        Not before eating that jumbo pepper.
 Ch> d) try to make it to Enforcer Hindquarters just to piss off Feral?
        Man... This is sadism!!!!

>Dogfighting made simple.

 Ch> b) develop really neat names for what essentially ends up being
 Ch> "warehouse miss ile", "office tower
 Ch> missile" and "outright failure missile".

        Good! Or "Security Headquarters missile".

        Best regards!!
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