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From: B-ko Daitokuji <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 20:08:45 -0800

>>>Jake And Chance could if there the show's thrid season had happened
>>>it would be part of the plotline that they look for love.
>>>It would go like this..
>>Could I add my ideas?
By all means, daaling! (Don't worry, I'm only talking to myself!)
>Sure, I'm going to add my own ideas too.
>Agreed, I will have a nightmare thinking about this.

Could never happen. I'm not trying to put down the one who said this (unless
it's Ted, my <ack!> idol)

>>could be
>They may have a date (The usual one, no romantic thing.), but I don't think
>that they will married each other.
>>Mabye NOT. I just can't see them together!!
>Well, there is still the possiblities of a date, but I don't think that
>they will married each other. Beside, I don't think that anyone would want
>to go near her (In their right mind.), just remember..., who is her uncle.

Yeah. That would be kinda rediciolus to have Felina marry Jake, but you
never know!

>>In his dreams!
>When I dream about this "Chance/Callie" thing, I can surely bet that it's a

When I dream of this relation, Callie's not in existance! (I never have a
dream that makes the slightest sence.)

>>Honestly, I think It would work out, but really I think
>>Callie would never marry Chance.
>Agreed, I really think that Briggs would never marry anyone (I already
>explain my reason.).
>>>Jake/Callista (If the kats go back in time again..)
>>That's a relation that could work. Only time is the problem!
>Maybe Jake can create a machine for temporal displacement (He already
>create a sensor for detecting temporal distortion on my fanfic story.), or
>he could use a time crystal (My fanfic thing.) to travel to the Dark Ages.
>But then again, TimeKat (My other fanfic thing.) will be really mad if
>somebody has misuse time travel.

I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna
read it! I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna read it!
I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna read it! I wanna
read it!

>>>Chance/Turmoil (Maybe!!!)
>>That idea could work,
>(B-ko is telling that Turmoil is a possible thing.)

Don't like my hot air?

>It seem that Queen Callista and Cry Turmoil has the highest potential for
>love, so let just leave Briggs and Lt.Feral from this couple thing.

Well, who else is there? give me a break!

>>>This is kinda limited...but who knows.
>I can add to this list, lets put Briggs's sister to the story (Got this
>idea from Terra's story.), Lt.Feral little brother. Of course all of this
>is fanfic characters, so add yours in.

Naiome? That could work, but not to Chance. In my fanfic, she's RELATED to him.

>>B-ko Daitokuji

Jake Shard

>>SWAT Kat Extremist

Wow, me too!

>>Classified as demented.

Mee too! Are you sure we're not related?


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